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How do social media influence interpersonal communication?

Communication is the process that used to share the information among people since human landed on this earth. With the improvement of technologies, we can see the drastic changes in the faces of the communication procedure. In earlier days, people used different signs and primitive languages to share the information between them. But in today there are lots of changes happened in the way of communication procedure. Our life style changed because of the changes of everything that related to our life. Everybody is busy with their own duties and life. Today we have no time to talk or greet with our families or dearest one due to busy schedule. Even though, still our relationship exists only because of the presence of new technologies and their impacts. Mobile phones and internet plays an important role in today's communication system. The inventions of internet provide different unimaginable features in the world of communication. Today it is possible to face to face communication with others if they far from us. We can watch live videos of any places without any struggle. Now days, we use the facilities of social media for the sake of interpersonal communication purposes.

Social media greatly affect the way of our communication in our day to day life. We know that communication is of the basics of our life. We can't live without communicating with others. Over a small period we people are addicted to social media greatly and find the way to communicate with whole world through this. Now a day people addicted to social Medias and they consider it as one of the great way of communication platform. Social media greatly influence our life in positive way but at the same time, over usages of social media negatively affect our life. It is good up to a limit, but it may cause problems beyond the limits. Today our communication and social interactions are limited within the social media circle. With the help of mobile phones and social media we can get all the news all around the world and same time we can make a contact with the people all around the world. Even people living in a same house contact each other through social media. Their relationship limited within the social Medias and electronic devices. They have no time to share their valuable moment with families and lovable one. All these happened only because of the availability of social media.

We are the victims of digitalization and following lazy life styles. It will greatly affect our social networking tendency. Face book, instagram, twitter are the common social media available in these days. These entire platforms allow a person to interact with others who is away from us. This is the social media's era. Today people find difficult to live without the presence of social media. With the availability of social Medias people contacting and communicating with strange people also. All get the opportunity to share their own opinion with the help of social media platform. Social media is different from old communication system such as radio and television. Where radio and television provide one way communication platform but social media provides bidirectional communication facilities. So user can communicate each other without any difficulties. It helps to share personal opinion outside the geographical boundaries. Social media never limited any geographical boundaries or for particular group of people. Also people of same interest and taste can interact and make friendship easily with the help of social media. Also people are more social with the availability of social media. But the high level of online or social media reduces the face to face interaction of the people. It changed the way of communication and includes the digital world in communication process.

We can observe the changes that happened in communication procedure with the availability of social media. Many people argue that, communication through social media effect the verbal communication of the people. The main reason is that, non verbal communication occurs when we communicate through social media. Social media not only effecting the communication of the people but it also affect the character or behavior of the social media user. It effect the patience and anxious of the people. People use social media and waste their best part of productive time. New generation are addicted to social media and they are not sleeping at night instead of that, they are spending time in social medias; it produce lots of health problem in them.

Basically, we can conclude that, social media affect our communication procedure both positively and negatively. Many are using the benefits of social Medias to spread the social values all over the world. At the same time many people misusing the benefits of social Medias in different ways. In anyways social media changed the overall appearance of communication procedure greatly. It replaces the ancient communication procedure by high technically influenced procedure.