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Why parents and teachers told students to read more books? Reading habit is really helpful for students?

Reading is a good habit. The reading is essential to the all students. The reading is taking a big role into the study. Reading skill is important to the success of school. Continues reading improve the students knowledge and language very well. The reading is a good habit for all. All students reading are a part of their life. There are different research shows the reading make big difference to the students educational performance. The reading succeeding the students education. That is all small aged students are read the children books, the reading time the child will understanding the word, letter, and other knowledge. To reading story books are improving the students thinking. Continues reading is improving the students language; at the reading time the students are concentrating the story and the child will noted the spelling and new words, and the meaning. This will improve the students language very well. The students will understand the new words and developing the language fluency. The reading will affects the brain of the students that is at the reading time the student brain is active, it boost the students thinking and learning skill. Continues reading is a good habit for the students. The reading improve the students concentration; The long time reading improve the child concentration, that is the child reading long time at that time the child only concentrating the reading activity. It is more helping the child for their future study, because at that time the student will get the interest and concentration. So reading at the childhood is more helpful to the future. The reading is improves the knowledge; that is the students will understand the new knowledge about the world, improving the information about the different field, he/she interested for studying the different areas. Continues reading is change the vision of the student. The student will understand different culture and different ethics by the reading of travelling stories. The reading develop the students imagination and creativity; To reading books like the story, novel, articles, travelling story improve the imaginations and also improving the students creativity by reading the animated book. Improving the drawing and crafting skill of the student. The students will get different ideas for drawing and crafting. So reading improves the students skill on different areas. The reading developing the moral values; some characters are more heart to the students, they are feeling the emotion of that character. It helpful to the students for understands the feeling of others.

The books are also a good entertainment. Today there are different way of entertainment are available. The TV, mobile, computer are the commonly used devices for the entertainment. But these all devices are not comfortable as compared to the book. But these all devices are not comfortable as compared to the book. Our health, reading is a good habit; that is there is no defects are occurring by the use of book, it is more improves our health. Reading together is more helpful to the students; in education, to reading with his/her friends or others more helpful. The combined reading clearing the doubts and easy to understand the topics, also the students will understand the new information. The reading is a good tool for communication; that is all are writing to their feeling and emotions to the book, so the reading is help to understanding their feelings and emotions. The reading is also improves the reading skill. The reading is also useful to gaining the others experience; that is to reading the travelling books or other books like autobiography are more helpful to understanding the others feelings and experience. Some books are motivated the students; the life story or success of the famous persons is motivated the students and giving confidence for studying. The students are discovering the new things by reading the newspapers, magazine. Reading is more essential to the students. It is also a good habit. The reading improves the students different skills. Reading is important for the success of student. Reading make a big difference on the students academic performance and Reading habit is really helpful for students.